Seattle Fourth of July

2018 Independence Day


Refurbished Space Needle Open

Seattle, Washington, USA

at Lake Union near the University of Washington

Giant Rubber Duck

Docking Duck

Thea Foss Memorial Waterway

Tacoma, Washington, USA

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Looking out the window, I’m jolted. Did I see what I just saw? Now pressed against the

Thea Foss Waterway

CLICK HERE Memorial Waterway

glass, I saw the largest Rubber Ducky. An overcast day, but the pictures were calling. Snapped a few in the afternoon, but waited until dark for the good shots. A small tug boat tows the large fowl.


Night Shots in Tacoma,WA

Tacoma Washington, another place I call home!

Night Photography, spend time with it…

Pacific Northwest

The region I love, raised here, travel from there…take a look. It’s rugged sophisticated, complex, tech-driven, wilderness and cozy.


Seattle Love