Giant Rubber Duck

Docking Duck

Thea Foss Memorial Waterway

Tacoma, Washington, USA

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Looking out the window, I’m jolted. Did I see what I just saw? Now pressed against the

Thea Foss Waterway

CLICK HERE Memorial Waterway

glass, I saw the largest Rubber Ducky. An overcast day, but the pictures were calling. Snapped a few in the afternoon, but waited until dark for the good shots. A small tug boat tows the large fowl.



Rare “Piebald” Deer

In February 2018, saw a white Black-tail deer with two regular Black-tail/Mule deer, but only for a second. Went back a couple of times without success. Found tracks, followed to their water supply and waited.
Approximately, 100+ yards away, raining, windy and just enough light. A little luck and…she walked up near my cover in the bushes. The quality of the shots are low, because I was excited. Some call it, “Buck Fever.” Haven’t needed to fill the freezer in many years, so now the hunt is about photographs.

DSC_0449The coloring is called, “Piebald.”  This female was with two yearlings hidden in the brush off camera view. They were normal colored Mule deers, with black-tails.

These species of deer are common in the Pacific Northwest. The white fur is not.

Found these three near Mount Rainier National Park located in Washington State. Have a good one wildlife fans!