Night Shots in Tacoma,WA

Tacoma Washington, another place I call home!

Night Photography, spend time with it…


Rare “Piebald” Deer

In February 2018, saw a white Black-tail deer with two regular Black-tail/Mule deer, but only for a second. Went back a couple of times without success. Found tracks, followed to their water supply and waited.
Approximately, 100+ yards away, raining, windy and just enough light. A little luck and…she walked up near my cover in the bushes. The quality of the shots are low, because I was excited. Some call it, “Buck Fever.” Haven’t needed to fill the freezer in many years, so now the hunt is about photographs.

DSC_0449The coloring is called, “Piebald.” ┬áThis female was with two yearlings hidden in the brush off camera view. They were normal colored Mule deers, with black-tails.

These species of deer are common in the Pacific Northwest. The white fur is not.

Found these three near Mount Rainier National Park located in Washington State. Have a good one wildlife fans!

Pacific Northwest

The region I love, raised here, travel from there…take a look. It’s rugged sophisticated, complex, tech-driven, wilderness and cozy.


Seattle Love


What’s new with ShaneFx?

Recently moved toward Mt. Rainier from Seattle.

I’m as comfortable in the City as in the Wilderness! Love both, need both to live! Stay tuned for more adventures, travel, and writing. I’ve been busy building a house. More to come friends. Live, love, and photograph…